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Question: Are You Single?

Answer: No, My boyfriend's name is Joey Rudmond. Before him I have been in two long term relationships. 


Question: How old are you?

Answer:   I am 26 years old (in 2016) Born on December 2, 1989.


Question: What do you do for a living?

Answer:    I am a full-time artist. I paint & draw for a living. 


Question: Are you a vegan? 

Answer:   I am not a vegan, I am a vegetarian.


Question: Apple or Android? 

Answer:   Apple. 


Question: Where are you from? 

Answer:    I was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida so I am American. My mother is from Venezuela and my dad is from Chile. 


Question: Do you speak Spanish? 

Answer:   Yes, Sí, yo hablo español.


Question: Did you go to college? 

Answer:   Yes, I graduated college with honors, cum laude. I have my bachelor's in Fine Arts.


Question: How much do your painting sell for? 

Answer:   Usually my paintings sell between $3000 - $70,000 USD.


Question: Where can I buy your artwork ?

Answer: You can purchase my artwork on my website  I have prints for sale from $20 so everyone can afford to own no matter what your situation is.


Question: What is your favorite Pizza Topping? 

Answer:   My favorite pizza topping is Pineapple.


Question: How can I contact you, or send you something? 

Answer: You can contact me through my website, my PO Box is also listed here.


Question: What time of music do you like to paint to? 

Answer: I enjoy all types of music, one of my favorite chill artists to listen to while I am painting is "Angus and Julia Stone".


Question:  What is the purpose of life?

Answer: The purpose of life for me is to follow your passion, help people along the way, and just love along the way. 


Question:  What kind of dancing do you like?

Answer: I like all kinds of dancing, I do not have a favorite.


Question:  What is your favorite movie? 

Answer: My favorite movie is Inception.




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