Not to start my story too far back but when I was 8 years old I received my first camera. I’m pretty sure I took hundreds of pictures (back in the day where digital was only a distant thought). I loved it, I wanted to capture everything I saw with this new magic toy that allowed me take the world and freeze it forever. My replacement memory I called them. A sunset over the ocean that will now never set, Dolphins dancing through the water will now remain with us forever. I wanted to save them all & that is exactly what I did traveling around the world capturing infinity of memories that will remain long after I am gone.

The Life Style

When I wake up each day, after the sleep fades from my eyes and I have had my afternoon coffee, I reach for my camera… my companion that I can rely on to never miss THE shot! There is always that new one I have been waiting my entire life to capture, everyday holds new opportunities to render that memory for infinity & beyond! I’m truly lucky to say that I get to have a new opportunity each day to see new things that some only dream of. It is a passion and an obsession. I have been shooting for decades now (yes I just aged myself) I looking forward to the next forty years! I invite you to come take part in my journey and I’ll help you capture those memories you want to last forever!

~ Ríon Morgan ~