Rion Rebels Smule Off


First off, I want to apologize to everyone for introducing ya'll to Smule! Damn! I have started a Cult.  Ummmm Smule I know with the amount of #RionRebels from #Periscope I have gotten to sign up I am looking for that commission check! I hope ya'll are ready to have A LOT of fun! We sing, dance, laugh, cry and sometimes even sing with unexpected props.  So get your best or worst singing voice on and join all of the #RionRebels for a #SmuleOff and then we will be on #Periscope to do our best Smule Off Reveal!

You know you want to have a good laugh!


Smule Duets with Rion

Asian Cowboys

Rion Rebels Solo's

Rion Rebels Duets