Adobe’s Q1 Numbers Show Creative Cloud Is a Success, Whether We Like it or Not

March 21, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

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While the photography world continues to have mixed feelings on Adobe Creative Cloud and its accompanying subscription model, Adobe execs aren’t regretting the move one bit. That’s because, according to Adobe’s first quarter financial report, Creative Cloud has been a hit.

How big of a hit? Well, in terms of numbers, Creative Cloud has 1,844,000 subscribers, up almost half a million from the end of last year. And with over half of Adobe’s revenue coming from their subscription-based services, Creative Cloud played a big part in helping Adobe reach the higher end of their projected revenue range of $950 million to $1.0 billion.

Also notable: numbers show consumers are more apt to purchase the entire suite rather than subscribing to only one or two apps, and the average subscription length is a respectable 18 months.

So while the opinions from the photography world may be far from positive at times, there’s no denying the model is working for Adobe… at least for the time being. Read the full earnings call for yourself on Business Wire and then let us know what you think in the comments.


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