Incredible Portraits of Ornate Fowl Found at Chicken Beauty Pageants

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Singapore-based photographer Ernest Goh, known best for his incredible work with animals, has just recently put another book out. This time, he’s documenting the world of Chicken Beauty Pageants. Yes, Chicken Beauty Pageants. They exist… I guess.

Titled Cocks: The Chicken Book (you have no idea how difficult it is not to make jokes at this point…) this collection of work explores the beauty of some of the most debonaire fowl you have ever seen.

In order to make sure he photographed only the most beautiful chickens, Goh sought out Ayam Seramas: a specific type of chicken known and in fact bred for their ornate beauty. In his series, Goh captures the entire journey of these beautiful creatures — from the time of the chicks hatching to their entry into these pageants.

As you can see in some of the images below, it’s quite im-peck-able how much character and pride these creatures can give off when a photographer has enough patience to work with them:








If you think these images are somehow staged or not real — and we’ll give you this, some of these look downright crazy — check out the behind-the-scenes video below for proof of these chickens’ insane strutting ability. They really do look every bit as proud and… if you’ll pardon at least one pun… cocky in real life.

Cocks: The Chicken Book is up for sale on Goh’s website if you’d like to take a closer look. Just be be prepared to deal with some awkward and hilarious looks when you tell your friends the title of the photo book you just bought.

(via DIY Photography)

Image credits: Photographs by Ernest Goh used with permission


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