Food Redux

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© Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart © Evelina Reinhart

Evelina Reinhart has chronic acid reflux (also known as GERD—gastroesophageal reflux disease), a painful, brutal illness that basically makes everyday eating an unpleasant experience. This led her to create her own cookbook, The Joy of Eating, which showcases her culinary and photographic skills.

“The project is intended to show that even if you suffer from this disorder, you don’t have to eat bland meals,” Reinhart told PDN via email. “By making these recipes look appetizing, I want to encourage other people with acid reflux to eat a variety of healthy meals.” Reinhart worked on The Joy of Eating for four months while attending the Masters in Digital Photography program at the School of Visual Arts.

Reinhart kept her process simple with minimal styling, to emphasize “both the purity of the food and its safeness for those of us who suffer from chronic acid reflux.” After the meals were prepared with the help of a professional chef, she placed the finished plate in front of a window, shooting each setup against a white background with natural light. Working quickly was essential in capturing the food at its freshest. “Often dishes had to be prepared again because they no longer looked appealing,” she says.

The Joy of Eating, a 62-page full-color cookbook is available on MagCloud. To see more of Reinhart’s work, including her newest project, “Rustic Allure,” please visit her website or Instagram.





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